Online Blog For Vvs Sufferers....(in Case You Are Interested!)

For you VVS sufferers, I thought I should share a blog I am part of....

Vulvar Vestibulits Support Network (VVSN)
(formerly known as National Vulvar Vestibulitis Organization, or NVVO)

I hope you all have found some good online support groups - Yahoo! has some.
We have one, but no one really says much on's mostly for us local ladies as a means to get together for face-to-face support (which doesn't seem to happen much anymore....but we did round up about 20 or so women who otherwise had no one else to talk to! yay!)

That's all for now....Happy Vulvas!!!

julieannpdx julieannpdx
41-45, F
2 Responses Sep 28, 2010

FYI -- VVSN is on Facebook: :-)

Thanks Julie. I appreciate the referral to the support groups/sites.