my husband told me i should look to see if a group existed for this, and i doubted there would be one, but lo and behold, there is! therefore i shall join it and write its inaugural story.

warning: this story is about my hoo-ha. do not read if you do not want to hear about it. i don't want to hear about it, and it's mine, so you won't offend me.

i've got chronic vestibulitis, which means that things are chronically irritated and painful. makes, um, intimacy quite difficult and not as much fun as (i'm told) it should be. i've seen a handful of dr's about it, and i'm going for a consultation with a new one on january 23rd, to see if she agrees with the other dr's that i need surgery. i hope she agrees, because none of the other methods have worked, and i'd really like to get this taken care of so that i can have one less random medical/personal issue haunting my life.

so fingers crossed for surgery!

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Keep us posted! I hope you are doing ok. Sending you happy, healthy vagina vibes.....!

thanks :) it's definitely both physical and psychological. and flat-out embarrassing and frustrating and painful. i'm really hoping this new dr will make it all go away.

Best of luck with your doctor. I've been through something similar although I'm very convinced the culprit was yeast - but I couldn't get rid of it, and spent years trying many many things. In the end, I'm not sure what it was that worked. <br />
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In the last flare up (I had 3 years pain free after the first round), it was Threelac and tons of probiotics.<br />
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I can sympathise. There is not much known about these types of conditions and you start to feel like you're going crazy and doctors keep saying there is nothing wrong.<br />
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I think this is one of the worst things, physically and psychologically to have to deal with. I wish you all the best on the 23rd.