This Helped Me Alot. It May Help You Too.

After a year long fight with a yeast infection I developed VV. I went to the Doc's and this is what she gave me. It's called Neocutis and you can get it at I'm not really sure what makes it so great, but you apply it 2x a day until you feel better. It did take a little time after the birth of my daughter, but eventually I was back to normal. I just had another baby and low and behold...... so I am back on the neocutis and waiting it out just like before. The downside to this is that it IS expensive. about 90 bucks i think. But we would pay anything to get relief right? You can get coupons online, and if you can get your doc to make a case to your insurance co. you may be able to get them to pay for it. Good luck to all. Check it out!
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3 Responses Nov 16, 2010

i just looked up this product.. it came up with skincare products!!!

thank you for this info and blog ,my girl friend suffers and i am kinda of large it's only in the same area at 6 o clock of her vagina . i am very understanding and patient so we will check this out and see what happens

Update: Since posting this i have been using my neocutis 2x a day and am happy to say I am 90% better. Sex is doable w/ the aid of some Olive Oil and things are on the mend. If you have no other options i say give this a chance.