Another Vv Experience Story :)

Hi there,

Figured I should add to the list since I know when I've been suffering from this horrible condition, all the posts and possible treatments made me feel better.

I have had VV for the past 1 and half years. I got in when I was 19, I used to have very frequent occurences of thrush. I had just started seeing my boyfriend at 19 as well, I was a virgin at the time and had only been having sex for two months before I started noticing sex becoming painful. It came on all of a sudden after I had had an episode of thrush where the pain never seemed to go away even though I was using the creams and tablets. I was also using spermicidally lubed condoms at the be extra safe, but I think it was the lube on the condoms combined with contracting thrush that started the vestibulitis since the special lube seemed to cut all the skin inside me. However I realised a little too late. Sex from then on grew gradually more painful. I thought initially that it was still thrush so took many treatments for this before switching to the pill in case it was a latex allergy. Neither of these treatments helped in the slightest and after visiting several different doctors and nurses over the past year and half I got turned away with poor excuses such as thrush...for which i had a test which came back negative. One claimed my vagina was just torn and gave me some cream. The other didnt say what she thought was wrong and just gave me a packet of antidepressants which would take months to have any effect.

After around 5 different doctors and nurses didnt do anything I must admit I lost hope, and for the last year I havent been to see any doctors since I read that it wasnt really possible to cure anyway. I was actually quite depressed at the time since I was living in a city I hated, away from home and my friends and family. I was having a bit of a rough patch with my boyfriend since because of the depression it just felt like I was drifting apart from him.

However a month ago I decided enough was enough and that I had to do something about it and so I managed to find a forum on the internet where some women were talking about the birth control pill causing VV. Well I started taking the pill in the first place in the hopes of getting rid of the pain but I thought it was worth a shot, so after I had taken my last pill of the month I came off them. I had my period and then decided to leave it for a couple of week to let my body hopefully fix itself. I didnt expect coming off the pill to do anything at all to be honest but how wrong was I! I wasnt planning on having sex with my boyfriend the next time I saw him as I wanted to leave it a while longer, but we did and ended up just using a normal condom...NOT SPERMICIDALLY LUBED...i had learned from my mistake there and the sex was amazing. There was still a slight twinge of pain round the outermost edges of the vestibule but it was barely anything compared to what I had been experiencing previously. I didnt know whether this was just a one certainly wasnt me imagining that coming off the pill was going to make me better anyway so i thought that the next morning i would try again with different positions as well just to see, since usually i cant bare to have him on top it hurts so bad...but there was no pain at all! I even managed an hour of sex! must better than the usual 5 minutes before i literally clamp up because the pains so bad.

So anyway, i figured that some women may be experiencing the same thing and may find this story helpful...and who knows...maybe it might help someone get rid of their VV as well :)

Good luck girlies!!
kd123 kd123
Dec 30, 2010