A Good Ending to Vestibulitis, Read This!!!!!!!!!


I suffer from vestibulitis. My symptoms came on sunddenly when I was 20, living in a foreign country. ( I am 21, now).  I wanted to share with you my experience with treatment. I have tried estrace, steroids, and other topical treatments. However, I found that as soon as I thought I was getting better.....I would get random flare-ups for no reason at all, and no matter how much i put on the medicine, the vestibulitis would come back. So, here's the good news. I discovered that my family has a susceptibility to delayed food allergies, called IGG allergies. They are very "hush hush" because medical doctors and allergists don't support them like the typical, immediate food allergies (IGEs). Many homeopathic doctors, however, swear by it and say it is scientifically proven that IGG allergies are real. I can say, as well as my family, that I, too swear by it. I got this test done by my OBGYN because he was open to the test. It's a blood test, and you are required to eat a variety of foods before the test so that many foods are in your system. When the results came back, I foudn out I have a delayed allergy to casein, a protein found in milk. This test was done after numerous negative allergy test done by traditional allergists for IGE allergies (immediate allergies). I have eliminated casein for 2 weeks now, and my rash is almost gone completely. I thought back to when my symptoms started, and it was when I was living in the foregin country, drinking milk three times a day (their water was bad). It all makes sense.  I researched casein allergies, and found that one of the most common symptoms is a rash, sometimes occurring days, hours, or weeks after ingesting the food. I can't tell you how nice it is to have found a simple solution to this horrible problem. I would advise if you haven't already, get the IGG antibody test! Nutritionists or homeopathic doctors will give them to you. Any delayed allergy could be causing this rash.....it's worth a shot. Good luck!!!!

Ajs248 Ajs248
Feb 18, 2009