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I'm from Isral I have suffered many years  from pain in the perineum and urinated very frequently. My condition don't connect to sex. The condition started in age 21 after inflmmation in the vagina  and make worse. Today I'm 32 I'm not completly healthy but I would like to encourge you girls that my condition got better.

I  would like to recommend some holistic treatments and my experience.

During the years I have  visited many gynecologists and also have  examinaton under anesthetization. The examination didn't help me a lot

Paula method is good for the pelvic muscles and to some women is better than biofeedback (it helped me and after you learn the method you can excercise the method on yourself) First I try paula befor two years and the urination got better

Before 9 months Also helped me acupuncture (The mucosa in the vagina improved) and finally I would like to recommend on reflexology that helped me recently even more than the acupuncture. But it's important to mention that it's important to choose good reflexolog because in the past I did reflexology that didn't help me.

I think it's also important to choose good acupuncturist and I think it's better that he or she is doctor

I think the combination of the three treatments is good but also is important to have good nutrition. But when I try to change  nutrition it didn't help me like the treatments above mentioned

I think that most of the gynecologists don't have holistic thinking and they don't realize the connection between gynecololgy urology and physiotherapy. This is the problem with the western medicine  that many people are in their niche.

I also notice that when I am static in movement the condition get worse. So It's better when I sit in the work, from time to time to get up and walk some minutes.

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I hope you kind some cessation of this pain. HUGS, livingwell