Can I Make Things Even Better

I have been trying to face my fears, do the best thing for me and share my feelings and ask for help. its definately made a difference but sometimes the buzz is gone as i dont know what do in order to get it up all i mainly think about is others' expectations which should be classed as my 'own expectations' yes i put a lot of pressure on myself to change everything in one day but i must learn to be patient and stop looking for a quick fix i just dunoo where i am right now in my life sometimes i look for signs of god eg if i go to the shop
and interact with people because i have social anxiety and when i see familiar people ie ones from school i think god as done this to challenege so i believe more that he is there for me it definately isnt concidence but i just dont feel like myself anymore i havint got that enthuasium because of my depression i dunoo how to get it back i think spendin time and money on myself is selfish and i feel like i dont give myself enough credit for how far ive come which is sad i always make myself feel like im not good enough its a disater but i do hve faith that things will get better I DO BELIEVE so you must too;) its just hard when u dont feel how u previously did i hate comin having headaches because im worrying about proving myself to others all day n night its literally horredous but the more i practice being relaxed, appreciatin what ive achieved loving spending time and money on myself sayin to myself '
lyndsay you are good enough and when i expect that this process wil take more than a day thjats when i can chillax and get on with my life
lyndsayh111 lyndsayh111
18-21, F
Oct 24, 2012