Getting Bettter

well things are definatly getting beetter ive come so far from were in was i usted to be someone who put there head down all the time iwas so sacred 24/7 it was horrible i just didnt want to live it was so ahrd but now everyday is a blessing a opportunity to do better but the worst feeling is that its not got enough it feels like i should be improving all the time i should be but then im puttin tons of pressure on myself its exhausting but i think if i stop putting pressure on myself n appreciate what i hve achieved so far il get there its hard havin to pull ur self up every min of everyday but i wudnt hve it any other way its gd because in the future when i get depressed il be able to sort it out more effciently so im nt goonaa give up no way! just hve to work harder my heads bangin but im still here i hve nt let myself down my mock tests r cmin up so im gona try my best to revise n il no that ill give everything i cna so im gona be happy with that but the temptation is to spend hpurs n hours revisin after skul i hve a leat 6 hours to bedtime n i think spendin all that time is crazy i need time to relax so il make sure that i hve time to relAx i know that in the end il get there ive come so far it makes me cry thinkin about it
it was horrendous before but look at me now ive cme this far on my own so why cant i sort outr everything else but if i need help il get it definately

what ever problem ur goin through be more proactive n do what you can to sort out the situation and never give out and ask for help if u need it
good luck
lyndsayh111 lyndsayh111
18-21, F
Nov 26, 2012