Happy Days

i am so happy now things are going so well my conversational skills are brilliant n i cant keep my chin up high enough but its took so much work to get here so all the pain anxiety was wroth it enough though it was a total waste of time im happy with the effort i put into my exams especially spanish
i got 79 percente o yeah n my obession is gettin better well im startin to work on that today especiallly in the canteen on thursdays when shes is there supervisin i try to focus on the conversation that me n my friends are having
n if she walks near to us i speak confidently to my friends n dnt go shy around her so ill work my way up learnin to speak in front of her n then confidently as i feel very inferior around teachers but its nothing i cant change im really happy who would of thought that a year ago i didnt want to be her but know i love everyday has its a chance to make things even better there is diffiently room for improvemnet but ive come so far academicaklly without putting in tons of work so ill put the work in i think for anyone goin through a roughh patch you must never given off if things dnt go well u always hve tomorrow to change things i think i hve to change my diet work harder academically n be on time for school in the mrnin so i must put steps in place to achieve this but i will get there i thought it would be impossible
to get to this point but ive gt here n i work my *** off but its all worth it
so everday i want to make things beeter n i wont give up until i do n iw ill do it i hve this belive in myself good luck u can make a change n mantaqn it
lyndsayh111 lyndsayh111
18-21, F
Dec 13, 2012