I was diagnosed with Fibro in the 90's after experiencing a lot of muscle pain...
Its not like pulling a muscle, but a deep seated dry grinding endless pain that pulses through the muscles, reducing you to a curled up ball on the floor!
I had it in my stomach muscle for two weeks, I thought I was dieing! I get that now intermittently and mainly suffer with it in my back arms, shoulders and legs now... Walking can make my hole body ache, as dose any form of exercise, as a result I have to be very careful how much I do, and live on pain killers, which may or may not help, depending on the pain...
I was diagnosed with M.E two years later, and the mix of both is horrible!
I have been told and read they are all the same condition, but I live it and they are NOT!
I think its about time us suffers are given an answer as to what this is and how and why we have it, as I know that someone knows, and I am sure its to do with some kind of vaccine given as a child. Telling me it all emotional based will not wash with me anymore! with millions of suffers now world wide, is it not about time, we had answers!?
My life is ruined, and having suffered with it now for well over twenty years and getting progressively worse each year goes by, I know I will never recover, I would not wish this on my worst enemy!
off2heavenIgo off2heavenIgo
Aug 16, 2014