My Daughters Story

My daughter is 26 and suffers with gatroparesis. She has had two operations trying to get better. Nothing so far has worked. I am a very concerned mother just trying to find some answers to her condition and some hope. She feels hopeless.
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Hey! I am 18 & have been in the hospital for weeks now.. I just got diagnosed with severe Gastroparesis. It's HORRIBLE. I'm out of work & college right now. Because of this disease I've lost everhthing - the dorm life at college, my boyfriend, friends, everything. BecauSe who wants to be friends or around someone who's constantly sick? I am seeing a dietician in the hospital. Even on ALL these meds I cannot keep food down... The hospital won't let me leave until I can keep down 2 meals - which is impossible. I'm in pain - exhausted - even lathargic. You're welcome to message me.... This is no fun!

I am 36 and suffered with gastroparesis for about 4 years before finally getting diagnosed. Once I was diagnosed, there was no relief. I started a new job an hour from home (worried that I wouldn't be able to keep the job, but knowing that my family needed the money). I started drinking strong coffee to keep me awake since I was awake with nausea most of the night. Miraculously my stomach started feeling better and I wasn't sure why. I never knew it was the coffee. Two years later, I decided to stop drinking coffee because I thought the creamer was making me gain weight and I became sick again. I finally realized it was the coffee and started drinking coffee again. I researched it online and found that caffeine speeds gastric motility. I'm not saying that it will help everyone, but it's certainly worth a shot!