It Must Have Gotten Severe

I'm so relieved from this website. I'm sorry for anyone going through this but man oh man did it relieve me to know I'm not alone. This last month has be HELL. Doctors are so mean.
Beginning time line:
Jan 2011 - appendix removed
Mar 2011- Gallbladder removed
Sep 2011 - Sphincter of Oddi cut

For all of those ^ I felt like I do now, except now is more severe.... VERY severe to me.
When I had my sphincter of oddi cut, the people looked at me like I was crazy when after the procedure and kept asking me honestly when the last time I ate was. I kept saying dinner the night before at 7 pm. Well its was 14 hours later and my pizza from the night before was clearly still there in my stomach. The doctor then ordered the gastric emptying test. I never was told the number results but they said my stomach obviously didn't work. The first hour and a half was normal but then it just stopped. Which sounds about right from how I normally feel.

For a year now I would have okay days and bad days. Some days I wouldn't get more than the uncomfortable stomach ache, but then there'd be series of days where I couldn't eat anything and I would still vomit. It was livable. I had tried Reglen but got MAJOR headaches and had to stop taking it.

Well about a month ago I started to feel really bad. Really tired and had no appetite. Then I started to get this pain and it wouldn't go away. My best friend came over one night with 7 UP and popsicles but when she saw me I was weak and not well. She took me to the ER. There I spent 11, yes 11 stupid days. The hospital decided I was making the whole thing up, even though I was throwing up constantly. They did every test and everything was normal but my nutrition low. They kept me they claim just because I was dangerously weak. Finally I ate (granted they gave me tons of nausea meds before). Now, I ate what a normal person does for snack each day and they released me. Those damn records now say I had signs of making the whole thing up. Everyday I was growing weaker and weaker. My dad decided to have me stay with him because the one night I was alone I looked near death the next day. I felt like it too. Now its been about two weeks since I was released. Finally have enough energy to walk to the fridge and grab some water. Thats only if I haven't puked for a few hours and held a few bites down. My grandparents came down to take care of me and cook me food. Everyone just keeps saying consume calories and don't spend them. They are still here. Cook every meal for me. Everyday I throw up at least once. Some days I throw up all day. I throw up till I'm throwing up bile. I wake up throwing up bile. The stomach pains are terrible. I'm 20 years old, went from 107 to 97. I could be less even now. I'm so weak and can hardly keep any food down. The doctors just keep telling me to take nausea meds and they gave me a fenatyal patch. Except I still can't eat and the pain in my stomach is SO bad. I don't know what to do at this point. Everyone looks at me like Its all in my head. This website made me feel not so alone though, that part is relieving . I have another doctor appointment. They all say well you have gastroparesis so it could be that they say but they doubt it. Now I'm positive. My gastroparesis has just gotten worse and worse. To the point I can't function alone. I can't even go to the store. I can't work. I'm behind in school. I sleep and puke my whole day basically. If I get one meal down Its usually in the evening and its about half a cup of soup and that gives me enough energy to at least type this tonight. I'm at loss of what to do. I'm gonna ask about trying domperadome (spelling?). I just miss my life! I miss working full time, I was a supervisor. I miss my friends. I miss getting coffee or going shopping. I miss being outside. I miss it all.
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Oh wow I'm so sorry :( this sucks. Yeah, reglan put me into anaphylactic shock!