New Here--have Gastroparesis

Hello everyone--I am new to this group/community and suffer with gastroparesis and want to learn what helps people with this condition.
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Hey! I am 18 & have been in the hospital for weeks now.. I just got diagnosed with severe Gastroparesis. It's HORRIBLE. I'm out of work & college right now. Because of this disease I've lost everhthing - the dorm life at college, my boyfriend, friends, everything. BecauSe who wants to be friends or around someone who's constantly sick? I am seeing a dietician in the hospital. Even on ALL these meds I cannot keep food down... The hospital won't let me leave until I can keep down 2 meals - which is impossible. I'm in pain - exhausted - even lathargic. You're welcome to message me.... This is no fun!

Avoiding meals that that inherently slow gastric motility such as fatty meals may help. There are medications called prokinetics which means they increase the gi motility thereby moving things alone. Examples include reglan or methoclopramide and certain antibiotics such as erythromycin. Gastroperaisis is usually a complicaton of underlying medical condition such as diabetes etc. so geting the underlying problem remadied my improve your condition or delay progression

I also suggest eating smaller meals more frequently instead of eating large servings