Gastroparesis Has Taken Over My Life

I'm 22, and I suffer from gastroparesis.
I was glad to find a support group and have started to share my story many times but then backed out. When I made my symptom list for my doctors appt later today (i.e. I should not be awake right now) I decided how should I receive support that I desperately need if no one in the group knows I've been suffering? So as to make this easier I've decided to share my symptom list. As you know GP effects your life in so many ways from family functions to work to your marriage and the fear of worrying your family. I've missed out on so much in the last 8 mo- 1 year that I'm at my breaking point. I miss dinner with my hubby, family functions w/o vomit runs to the restroom and enjoying my day at a job I love. I'm saddened by having to delay my plans of a family because I can't even nourish myself let alone a healthy fetus. I'm scared as to what my symptoms could mean.

*Feel painfully full 4-5 bites in to a small meal
*Bloat a lot (noticeably)after eating
*pain when laying on my left side
*constant nausea
*Regurgitation (or vomiting) during eating or after eating
*Usually 15-20 min after
*I know purging would make me feel better after eating but don't because of acid, and fear if bulimia...
*the nausea is very hard to work through and feel like purging but avoid.
*Perhaps liquid calorie diet is the best option? (If so need dietician to assist)
*Very gassy (constant) smells as though its rotten. Have become constipated for days and usually followed by diarrhea and/or painful BM's)
*Belching tastes almost metallic-y at times and can belch for quite a long time (<<
KymeeKat12 KymeeKat12
22-25, F
Jan 14, 2013