Gastroparesis Has Taken Over My Life (cont.)

My symptom list was too long lol
Please read the rest in case of suggestions you may have.

*pain at night that wakes me and keeps me awake for hours
(Amitriptaline caused me to have extreme anxiety and didn't assist with sleep, however my clonazepam was good for sleep.
*Heating pad helps
*Weak and exhausted during the day
*When home find myself sleeping excessively to avoid enduring the pain. (Record: 16 hrs.)
*Heartburn and indigestion(constant)
*Sleep elevated but can feel acid "back splash"
would like to increase protonix
*Symptoms have persisted and become worse, feel more "aggressive" treatment is necessary.
*Possible infections in stomach that may lead to my swollen lymph node? How do you check for infection in stomach. Poss fever on occasion have trouble with sweating or becoming flushed during day and have asked to be checked for fever(lack of thermometer at work lol) sweating quite a lot at night.
*Lymph node is still large, tender and at times sore without any agitation
...would like to have it checked as well as blood work to check for lymphocytes

*I've had quite a few incidents where I felt hospital visits were necessary but stayed home and rode out the pain.
Haven't gone to ER after fainting (been a mo. since last fainting spell) had 3-4 spells total in last 6 mo.

*Use of marijuana for pain, nausea, appetite and to help make it thru one meal without stopping too soon because of pain. Anxiety, disdain towards eating. I can't smoke before work or during but I work through the pain (not easily, is effecting efficiency and attitude and I often find myself ready to leave after only a few hours...need something, anything else to help with my daytime pain.

*Its become a very emotional situation. sometimes at work when my do workers remind me to eat or when someone will mention my weight loss I become emotional and in occasion have had to leave to cry.

Needless to say this is affecting my quality of life.
I pray to my Lord everyday for peace and healing. I know that he is working his plan for me.

Thanks for reading,(my novel lol) it means a lot to know that someone who suffers as I do, can know and understand my story. To know what life is like with GP.
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Wow, you really spoke to my heart. My husband is in the exact same boat. He also feels better with weed but I've read some things that say weed is counteractive because smoking slows the bowels. I told my husband maybe try not smoking for a couple of days to see if it helps. I'm thinking of seeing if I can get him the hash oil instead. I'm hoping they find the right treatment to help raise your quality of life. I'm here for you!

Hey! I am 18 & have been in the hospital for weeks now.. I just got diagnosed with severe Gastroparesis. It's HORRIBLE. I'm out of work & college right now. Because of this disease I've lost everhthing - the dorm life at college, my boyfriend, friends, everything. BecauSe who wants to be friends or around someone who's constantly sick? I am seeing a dietician in the hospital. Even on ALL these meds I cannot keep food down... The hospital won't let me leave until I can keep down 2 meals - which is impossible. I'm in pain - exhausted - even lathargic. You're welcome to message me.... This is no fun! Praying for you!

I find that yoga helps with my digestion and it is MAGIC for the pain. It feels like I've had a full body massage when I do yoga for bed. That being said I have minimal energy as well plus intestinal problems so I know it's hard to muster up the effort to do it but I promise it's worth it. I suffer from insomnia from the pain and the yoga makes a huge difference. There's yoga just to aid digestion if you look it up and videos that do it along with you!

I know pain. Feel for you. My mom has that and same stuff. They give her one antibiotic then it causes something else called magical chairs. Hugs