I Am Heading Nowhere In My Life..... What Is Missing???

Hi frnds... I don't know why I am writing this thing here... but surely I want to share my feeling with someone....I really don't know how things are going for me and how my life is moving aimlessly in where ever direction... like a wall clock keep on running every day telling almost same time without any difference.... I don't know whether some one will ever really understand my feeling or not.. but after failing drastically in achieving my goals again and again, and after seeing people moving ahead of you, enjoying and see them doing all the things that I really wanted to do.... it's just to difficult to pull together yourself from there, because inside you, you always have the feeling that I might not be able to achieve this time as well and will let myself down....Can't take the pressure any more.

Just few days back, I was attending a office event. Many of my office colleagues and friends were participating in there in different performances and I was just applauding them and doing nothing else.... really before that time even I was not knowing about any of them performing, and they were good.My problem is even I wanted to do something like that, putting some efforts to do something,to be something and.. and..just being more than ordinary sometimes... I felt very bad at my end that I am so mismanaged that even not releasing that what is going around me and just keep my mind stuck with my stupid "I am a loser" feeling.. this lack of confidence is all over me and making my life hell... ...

hopeless, helpless .. call whatever but this is me..looking at myself with others eyes of disgrace and empathy...
yogen1 yogen1
22-25, M
May 20, 2012