me and my ex were together for four years up until a few months ago our relationship fell apart well because of him... he did a lot of hurt and betrayed our trust... he was verbally abusive and sometimes he got ruff with me but never hit me.. well anyways he got into some legal trouble and was sent to work furlow we see each other on weekends for two hours bc he calls me and has been sayin he wants to see me and our son.. today was a bad day we got physical and iam so upset... i have never gone to the police and today i did wondering if u guys think i should have??? i have marks on me nothing serious but since hes in work furlow hes gunna get in big trouble and might end up doing time for a few years bc he is on probation.. i love him and i feel bad but at the same time he hasnt learned his lesson and i cant believe he got mean with me was it wrong of me to make a report? im so upset need someone to talk to...
kmg3 kmg3
26-30, F
Aug 23, 2014