Stroke Survivor

I had always been a healthy and strong induividual until I suffered a stroke in June 2007. I knew nothing about strokes until then,  I had no idea I was at risk for a stroke.  While still in intensive care at the hospital after the stroke, my heart stopped twice, and it became necessary for the heart surgeon, to implant a pacemaker in my chest.  When I left the hospital in July 2007, I immediately began to attend therapy sessions at a rehab facility for the handicaps I had as a result of the stroke.  while I have improved a great deal - I am still handicapped - I still cannot use my left arm or hand.  I am able to walk again without assistance, except when I go out in public.I am gwtting better and stronger each day, but I am frustrated that I am still so dependent on others.  I can't wait to gain back my independence.  I would love to hear from others who have had this experience for encouragement and tips on what I can do to progress and stay motivated.

GirlSandy GirlSandy
Mar 11, 2009