I Couldn'T Leave My Mum..

It was in summer 1981, I was 12. I was at home with my three older sisters..
At about 7pm my mum came through the front door.. I still can see her in my mind now.. She had her light blue cardigan over her head and her face had blood on it. I got scared. My mum said to my eldest sister:"take me to the bathroom, I don't want the little young ones to see me!" My third sister and me were the young ones.. The day after the police came to take a statement.. My mum explain to us roughly what had happened.
She was walking on a quiet country road, a young man rode his motorised bike next to her, got off, grabbed a rock and push my mum on the ground and started hitting her head with the rock... She shouted for help and people from a house nearby came to help her.. She went to hospital to get some stitches..
So that's what I understood, my mum told us..
A few days later, the police got the young man who did it.. My mum asked the police if she could meet him to ask why he hit her.. I was worried about her going near him.. They met in a public place and talked..
A couple of weeks later, my aunt and cousins were at our place for lunch.. Adults were talking but I didn't really care about what it was.. I finished my meal so I left the table.. My mum was talking about that young man who hit her. I was out of the room but near the door so I could hear them talking.. At one stage in her story my mum said that when she had a talk with that young man, he told her:" If you hadn't got up when I was hitting you, I would have done it until you were dead!" She told him she struggled to get up as she didn't want blood on her new cardigan..
That hit me like a bullet in my heart.. I hadn't realise how
close I had been to loose my mum.. It just hurt me so so much!! From that day on, I never left my mum... She used to go to church twice a day, I was going with her.. She was going shopping, doctors appointments, from the kitchen to the lounge room, I was always following her... Then in September my year 6 school started.. We lived just across the road from the school... I said bye to my mum, but I was hiding and 20 minutes later, I went back into our home.. I couldn't leave my mum alone as I was so terrified she would die... I missed school so many times, that my grades were the lowest of the class.. My mum was shouting at me to go to school out of frustration, the kids were teasing me, the teacher was humiliating me in front of the class..
I didn't pass the end of year exam, so I had to do year 6 again.. During the summer holidays 1982, we moved 4km away in a small village in the Vaud canton of Switzerland. The school was small, three teachers for the whole school.. I went the first day and that was it.. I had to stay home to protect my mum... After two days at home, my mum went to talk to my teacher and she said he was really nice and all that stuff.. So I went back to school, and it was ok. It, then became better and better... I even could go on a camp for 3 nights without my mum... When I started high school it was in another town, I didn't know anyone.. I felt really good, loved going to school and was on top of the class, until the end of high school years..
Not one of my sisters or my parents asked me why I had felt so bad in my first year 6... When I was laying on the floor in our home, crying, none of them asked me gently what was the matter...
Much later on, when I was 20, I spent 2 months in a psychiatric hospital just above Lausanne, and from there I wrote a letter to my mum explaining why I never wanted to go to school back then.. She never mention the letter..
That young man who attacked my mum was 16, with mental issues, and had attacked another lady two weeks before attacking my mum.. He was free.. My mum forgave him right away..
Thank you for reading this story and I am sorry for my grammar mistakes.. I had two bad experiences of people commenting on my stories and that hurt me more than they know, so please if you don't want to comfort me, don't bother leaving a comment.. Thank you..
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What a tragic story, now I understand much better about you, thank you for asking me to read your stories.

Thank you for caring..

I'm nearly speechless. You're such a positive and generous person, yet you have been through more pain and suffering than one person should ever have to endure. You're an inspiration. Really.

Thank you so so much!! :) you make my heart warm...

Thank you for sharing. Sorry what happened back then.

Thank you..

I hope your life gets better.abuse is horrlble. Sorry you went thru it.dont let ignorent people bring you down...

Thank you...

Just a warning, people are always going to leave negative comments. Just ignore them and don't waste your time on their ****.


I hope you're feeling better.

I'm actually making a short film someday on abuse, whether if it's sexual, physical, emotional, etc..

You'll have to keep in touch.

:) *hugs*

Thank you...

It is amazing what some children suffer through alone. By that I mean that the adults around them do not ask why they are behaving in a reluctant way. Not wanting to go to school for fear of loosing your Mum. The important thing is that you moved on to return to school when you were ready. That alone takes great courage. Going to the psychiatric hospital is another brave thing to do too. I know I spent time in one too. Hardest thing I ever did, but it changed my life!!! you seem to be a strong woman now. No longer the frightened young girl.

Thank you.. Yes I think I am strong, even if sometimes the little girl comes back... It's seems so hard at time....

how do you feel now? Did you cross the pain or does it still exist?

It\'s the thing that traumatised me the most in my life... I am ok now... But I always have that fear of being abandoned... I don\'t know if it has anything to do with it..

I do not guess you will be abandoned, but, due to your fear is irrational, may be you do not trust my words.
My opinion is that the experience you got in such a situation, made you stronger and determined. I\'m sure your kids feel psycologically comfortable with you, because you took care about it reminding how your childhood was. They will thank you their way and you will never feel lonelyness. God and his cross, anyway, will ever be your strongness and encouragement.
If you will feel negativity or something else in connection with your life and your past experiences, write to me. I do not know if I would be useful, but, anyway i will be happy to share your eventual pains.

You are so nice... You nearly bring tears to my eyes... Thank you my dear friend...

What a dreadful experience for both you and your mother to have gone through. Thankfully your mother's life was spared.

Yes she is 73 now!! :))
Thank you.

Plenty of life left in her :)

:) yes and she looks younger than her age too!!

How wonderful, she must have good genes :)

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That was very moving to read. You have been through a great deal.

Thank you for reading it..

I don't wan't to be an *** but sounds like your mom didn't care much for anything being the fact if im not correct correct me she wanted her dress to not have blood on it? ...kinda odd...idk i would say at least you cared even if they didn't ask much u know but you cannot dwel on the pas.t

She was on her own... She thought about her cardigan getting dirty by blood WHILE she was being attacked.. And it's that that saved her... Yes I wish my parents or teachers or sisters would have caring for me more after the event had passed... But maybe they never thought that was the cause of me not wanting to leave my mum... I am going to ask them.. When that happened, one was 20, one was 18 and the other 14..

ah. i see. at least shes ok

Yes she is.. Thank you..

talk to me any time xx

Thank you my

Call me

If you decide to talk civilised you can inbox me.. If you start your filth again I block you.

Tell us about your father

That will be another story maybe..

Your mother is brave

Yes, she went through a lot in her life...
Thank you..

Oh, my little angel......

As I was reading this story I reviewed my life to when I was young. I didn't like being at home, I loved my parents and siblings, but I didn't want to live with them. This started when I was four years old. I can't explain why I didn't want to live with them or how I thought a four year old would support himself. I ran away so many times that I knew all of the names of the local police officers. Unfortunately they knew me too and every time they saw me they brought me home. When I was six years old I decided to take an alternate route home from school, as a result I was four hours late coming home. My mother was fed up. She beat me with a belt. The incident damaged my relationship with my mother. I was no longer close to her, nor did I want to be. I learned how to tell time and never took alternate routes again. She could set her clock by what time I came home from school up to the day I graduated from high school. I was never late again. By the time I was 10 I had made my mind up that I wanted to join the Navy to help me get away. My first ship was stationed in California but it made trips to Australia and Asia. My second ship was stationed in Japan. I spent 7 years abroad. I love my parents but I am not close to them. I do remember that if my Dad was sleeping I would watch him to make sure he took his next breath. I used to worry about him, I thought he would work himself to death. One day he came home while I was in the yard playing, He was so tired that he passed out in the yard. I thought he was dead. At that time he was working three jobs. They are still alive, I haven't seen them in two years.

You worried about your dad like I worried about my mum... :(

Yes, I still do.

How tragic. It has obviously hurt you. These scars tend to be with you forever. Take good care of yourself Viv. I hope sharing this experience in EP has helped you. There are many caring people around here and I can see their comments too.
A big hug to you from me. Dils

A few child molesters have read it too... One contacted me one day...
Thank you for reading it my friend..x

I read your "explaining how your Mom was beaten" . It was horrible. I feel for you, and how you were damaged. Always know We can recover. I was homeless years ago. I'm with my daughter in a good home. We have troubles. I have Love in my heart for you, Vivian ( Is that how )An empath knows pain. I'm one DON

Thank you..

Wow! This story was so moving. All the hardships you've been through have made you the sweet person you are today! :-)

Thank you for saying that... Thank you for the group you made for me.. Still brings tears..

Just a great display of love. Once I started to read your story, I couldn't stop.

If you receive comments that are negative, ignore them. Their missing the entire point of your story.

Thank you for sharing

This is really inspiring story which shows your love to your mom... how much you cares for her. It shows your courage to remember all that memories and learn to sense them... thank for you story dear.

I think it is a great story and, being as close to both my parents as I was, you deserve a lot of credit, admiration for attempting to describe such an emotionally driven experience as this one. You did a great job. As far as your past critics are concerned, I think they are probably small and insignificant enough to have crawled back under their rock by now. If not we can deal with them later.Good job, nice narrative, keep writing I enjoyed it.

Thank you.. ;)

I'm glad that your mom was ok. Sounds like a scarry experience for you as a child. Thanks for sharing your story.

Thank you for reading it..

sorry your mom had to be hurt like that i can understand why you stayed with your mom you just wanted her safe .vinny

Your story was very moving and you showed the true meaning of love for family and what you did was very courageous of you to make such a sacrfice to ensure the safety of your mother am sure deep down in your mothers heart and mind see appericates the sacrfice you made and maybe she has never found the words that could properly thank you for your great sacrfice wishing you the very best in life and don't let what people may say about your ability in your grammar My dad always said if you ain't got nthing nice to say then say nothing at all have a great evening

Thank you very much.. You are very kind. ;)
Have a nice day too..

your welcome continue to keep the faith and never stop reaching for the stars

You say beautiful things.. You make me smile. :)

am glad to see that you are smiling and thank you for your nice words

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Thanks for sharing

Your strength and courage has brought you so far. Thank you showing that strength in posting your experience.

Even though it was a rough time in your life, you've made it're on the other side now looking back. It's through the lessons and trials of life that we truly grow to be stronger than we think we are.

You never forget the bad things the y stay with you. You just learn to live with them. It helps a lot when you write all your thoughts. You did good at least for me and im sure there's more people that had a terrible thing in their childhood. The people that judge or critizes, they probably never been through feeling like some of us did when in childhood.

That's true or they are still extremely bitter and can't cope.. I am ok I think..
Thank you for your comment..
All the best to you..

Your seeking comfort and asking people for it is like putting a band aid on a wound,
It never heals and you will always be seeking.
As painful as it is we need to go into the wound to its roots and full them up once and for all to really heal and change.

I dont know how to go to the roots of the wounds, otherwise I would have done it long ago.. I gave you comfort when you needed too.. I am not asking for yours, so dont worry..

And you can only react with offence,so you will never learn.
By the way I do not expect to receive for giving. I give because I want to ,not in expectation to what I might receive as you do.
You are the one with all the issues so maybe you are the one who has got it wrong.
Many people will tell you what you want to hear but those who really care will tell you the truth.

Sometimes it's nice to hear an honest opinion from someone without ulterior motives or, as you so wisely pointed out, a guy just telling a woman what she wants to hear! I've got a lot of respect for people, like you, (who has described themself as 'a person without any expectations of being rewarded' simply because you're a good person!
OK, I'm probably doing as bad of a job convincing you that you're a GOOD person as you do trying to convince YOURSELF! Anyone who reads your reply has been given a full-description, by you, about the exact type of person you are. I didn't know you before reading this but now I feel I know the kind of miserable, angry person you are. Next time, I suggest trying to rip-apart someone who is a little more mean-spirited than 69viv, like
ROSA PARKS, or like you've so cleverly identified 69viv to us all that have been fooled,
MAYA ANGELOU, who so appropriately said: "I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel."
I'm pretty sure she had people like you in mind when she wrote this! I'M SURE GLAD YOU'RE NOT THE ONE WITH THE ISSUES!

I had too many issues to count , but I got over them , more than some people ,I care not what people think of me ,I am not miserable ,The truth is all that matters and I spend my life searching for it,
The problem I see is that there are too many lost fools who have no intention in changing their ways, so I feel no sadness in telling them like it is.

You jumped in on a conversation which has little to do with the subject ,it was related to previous conversations and judged away to your hearts content, what does that say about you ?

That I'm obviously not as 'good' a person as you. I do, though, hope you are one day able to see yourself from another person's viewpoint. Good luck to you, Chris!

God can judge me when it is time,
I care little what others think of me and how others see me,

And you make that very obvious, so be proud of yourself!

No more argument on here you twoo

No more arguments you two..

There will be no more arguing as I always block idiots

Thank you.. We all think different..we just could accept each other as we are..
Take care Chris..

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