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I have persistent headaches for the last 3 wks, been to my GP who prescribed anti-inflammatory which is masting the symptoms.

seen gp again, sent me for spine & skull Xray.  Xray of skull is not done anymore.  GP maybe out of date.  Very dangerous practice!

Does anybody share the views that all GP should update themselves every 5 yrs at least?

ladyjade ladyjade
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1 Response Dec 6, 2006

As office personnel working in family practice I understand your fears and concerns. No, I don't think they should update their knowledge every 5 yrs. They should be reading material on weekly to monthly basis to keep up w/ changing trends in medicine!!! They should try to take in seminars a few times a yr. at least that reflect these demanding needs. And if their methods of treatment aren't working, they should network out to specialists that are willing to provide answers. My boss is 72, but still does these things. He's constantly reading, talking to doc.s on the phone, and searching for answers even when socializing! It can be done. Be wary of the doctor that is too prideful or stuborn to admit he might not have all the " right" answers at the time for your individual treatment. Important factors could be overlooked, and YOU are the one to suffer for it!!