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My goal in creating this experience group is to serve as a beacon for those who may not be aware that the hell they are going through in the workplace is not their fault, but rather is Workplace Mobbing (Also known as Workplace Bullying).

My story is a long one and due to place where I worked, I'm still considering what all would be safe for me to share. I will most likely keep the my own workplace annonymous to deter unnecessary and harmful questions and comments.  I will just say this - if I disclosed the place where I worked, each and every person would immediately recognize it and be surprised.  And it was not the military.

The issue of Workplace Mobbing is important because this is the source of significant psychologial harm to me and resulted in my development of PTSD. I could even go as far to say that it altered my life in a destructive way permanently.

May this be a source of light for others who have suffered in silence.
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Thanks for sharing. I went through it too. I already had PTSD and that made it much worse. Management and HR did not handle it properly. And I have seizures too. So I had to quit my job when it became clear that it would never stop.

The regular harassment in my own neighborhood started to die down immediately after I quit, which indicates that the two were connected as I had suspected they were. At least 3 of my (ex) co-workers had snooped on me in my own neighborhood and enlisted some of the neighbors to traumatize me further, on my days off. They also enlisted people from the workplace neighborhood to take turns harassing me before, during, and after work.

The police became aware of it before I even told them. Management changed and some people got transferred and one got fired. But it was too late for me because I had to quit work for health reasons already, and I've been out of work for almost 6 months because nobody wants to hire a person who quit their job after only 1 year.

I had an experience like this as well, worse part was management was involved in this mob like mentality as well all the way to the owner of the company, all because I wouldnt steal and lie to customers... I ended up dreading comming to work and ended up in the hospital due to a "workplace injury" as they called it.... well three days after this I was let go with everyone laughing at me for this dismissal, but things turned aroumd for me real fast after chris (owner) started playing games with my last check, he would keep getting me to come down to the shop for it on their payday and then once I got there he would say something like oh I guess the accounting department forgot your check, or I forgot to ask the payroll department... well he didn't have one to begin with after the third time I said, either get my check by 5pm the next bussness day this is my warning. Everyone had a hayday with that they all howled at the fact I said that, well the next day I came and ofcourse he didnt have it and I said well you can kewp the money (it was around 200-300$) I went home and phoned my uncle (fire cheif in my municipality) and told him about the fact there was no fire extinguisher on the property as well as the highly flammable gas and oils are being stored in a office with floor to ceiling piles of papers and also called the labour board the next day as well. The next day the fire department did a "random fire inspection of the property" for fire safty and fined him 5,000 for fire code violations then about a week after that the labour board showed up and found that all the vehicle hoists havnt ever been inspected, no staff even had steel toed boots or a working eye wash station or first aid available on the property and all fines together was two days shut down untill everything was upto code and a 10,000 dollar fine. Now all this within the span of two weeks now its payday yet again. I was having a low day that day and needed cheering up.... so what did I do? I called up that bastrd and said now dont you jusy wish you paid me that 200-300 dollars, hahaha, man I thought I could curse, lmao. Goes to show sometimes the little guy swings a bigger stick

Nearly thirty years ago I suffered the same. I wound up in the hospital but not because the physical abuse but much more of the mental hell I was put through. Many will say "Get Over it" or "Be a Man" or "Tough it out!" yeah, You try it, Bub, and then we'll talk.
These people were viscous, nasty, and cruel. I had done nothing to them. Kind of like a pack of dogs--one is fine but when they get in with their own kind, they will turn on you.
30 years ago I had no lifeline, I was out on my own left to hang in the wind. Management was unresponsive. After my hospital stay I was let go. The bast**ds never paid for it. For me to say that I have forgiven them would be an outright lie, even after all these years--I will say this-I still hate them and I hope they will get theirs, I wish them absolutely no good in anything. The one and Only thing I learned is that I never want to be anything like them. They say that time heals, no, it just separates you from the issue, you never really heal completely but you must try to lessen its effects on you and that can be a tremendous undertaking.
It can happen in anyplace, remember this, Always be on your guard for there always someone there that will try to destroy you, whether they know you or not. They are so pathetic. When you have so little to offer you will destroy those that do.

I just posted something about my work place thank you so much for this

Hi wordsforliving <br />
good group. Thank you for starting it. I just added my story in brief! <br />
I think openness is what these people hate. <br />

Good points DesperateHW - So important to educate ourselves. I'm in a "Right to Work" State, so where I live, the employers can get rid of someone for any or no reason whatsoever. But in my case, it doesn't matter anyway because of where I worked (can't reveal where I worked - keeping that can of worms closed).

** Peace I meant!! Tired, sorry.

Same experience here ladies. I have been off work for several months. Taking the b.s. for over a year. Having been a total target. Yes, PTSD is also involved, Not sure I will EVER release the anger and hurtfulness that were thrown at me. I AM a prideful worker and work hard,<br />
Just was working with a bunch of power hungry peeps and eventually was MOBBED. SO many varying opinions on WHY people mob. I discovered the WBI site online. GOOGLE Dr.Namie.<br />
<br />
Through it all, have always said, the WRONG witch was hung. All along I have been PRAYING the truth surfaces. Crossing my fingers it does.]<br />
<br />
WHATEVER THE CIRCUMSTANCES, KNOW your state employment laws. EDUCATE YOURSELF so you are aware of your rights. We are all human beings and deserve to work in a respectful healthy environment,<br />

So true - it is always management at the root of the problem! Seems management will be either blind or don't care about the work environment.

I have had many negative work experiences. I have considered writing a book about it; though, haven't since that would mean I would have to relive it. <br />
<br />
A negative environment can happen at any company, even successful thriving businesses. Its ALWAYS about management. If they tolerate just one person that does it, the overall environment is stained with the corruptive energy. <br />
<br />
You may want to join a group I created: Wtk your worst job experience story. You don't have to be specific or add names. I created it for people who like myself that have had to endure uncomfortable work experiences.