thing is I cant see anyway this ends well for you. No one else can either. You cant win from the position you are in.

You dont have any effective way of attacking me. It all relies on ambiguous threats and people thinking that you are not a bunch of weird child like pvssys.

You are weird child like pvssys though. Would you like me to explain why? Or do you understand at this point?

What are you going to do? I have ruined you completely. People laugh at you behind your back. They shake their heads and think why?

I thank you for letting me do this to you. :-) I still dont understand why you would pretend to be tough guys who fight when you are not. To me that tactic seems destined to fail.

As soon as you get called on a threat or back down when challenged there goes your credibility. Game over.

Oh well. Its your choice. :-)
RichardIsaFFFFaggot RichardIsaFFFFaggot
70+, F
Aug 17, 2014