I must admit its been fascinating to watch your behaviour devolve.

Watching as it became more about protecting yourselves. Remember when you used to blantly walk at me?

Now you pretend to be looking at something in a fridge. You dont make threats to my back any more either.

All you do is stand around puffing yourselves up and striking some comical poses and facial expressions.

You people are a bizarre and weird joke. I dont understand why people would behave the way you do.

Whats the matter? Do i scare you?
Everything you do is ambiguous, done in a crowded public place and completely deniable.

You look like weird child like pvssys because thats what you are.

Oh well its your own choices that are causing this to happen to you.
UltimateDemiGoddessSam UltimateDemiGoddessSam
31-35, F
Aug 17, 2014