the key to it is never identify yourself or say anything to my face this way no matter what you do I have no way of knowing if you are having a go at me or not.

Back in the day when you were still 100% delusional you would walk at me in crowded public places. I would be thinking what the fvck is this guy doing? It could be a normal person.

Can you see how that is weird and childish? Men make threats to other mens faces. Which clearly identifies them and makes their intentions very clear. However thats not in your nature is it.

All you want to do is hide.

I have a question though. In your heads whats happening when you do something like walk at me? Is that you being a hardman?

Does that mean you just had a tough guy moment?

You realise I have no idea what you look like right? You have the advantage of me there.

You are weird child like people and I dont understand you. You play these annoying, weird child like games which involve organised theater, hiding in crowded public places and behind anonymity.

In other words multiple layers of cowardice.

When are you stepping up for a fight? Why cant you act like normal men? When are you fvcking off?
RichardIsaFFFFaggot RichardIsaFFFFaggot
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You hide