I really dont understand you at all.

I had sam living across the road from me for 3 years or something and he spent maybe the last year or so. Hiding inside his house and having a go at me out of an open window.

Up until then I had no idea he existed. As you can imagine I think the guy is an immature pvssy. I went around to his house once and attempted to talk to him like a normal adult.

I spoke to one of his housemates who opened the door but sam hid inside his house and wouldnt come to the door.

I dont know why you behave the way you do. Its really obvious pure bullshite. Its strange and child like.

Which brings me back to the fact that you knew where I lived when I poured paint on your friends car and harassed that cvnt to breaking point.

Yet you did nothing. That confirmed to me that you are a bunch of pvssys.

Who were so far out of their depth that they thought
behaving like children and hiding in crowded public places was going to achieve something. In other words you used your only weapon.

Im completely perplexed as to why you kept going. Is it because I was winding you up? Pointing out who you really are?

Was it those posts richard makes about being a flaming hot closet?

Do you understand that I see you for what you are? Im happy to keep helping everyone else to see you to. :-)
RichardIsaFFFFaggot RichardIsaFFFFaggot
70+, F
Aug 22, 2014