I had the weirdest dream last night and you were in. I was down at the shops and you came up to me and threatened me to my face.

Instead of hiding and having an ambiguous go at me like the coward you are.

Why are you incapable of acting like men? You have to identify yourself clearly thats what a normal man would do.

I dont know what you look like. OK. Also you have made countless fantastical threats that you are going to fight me. Over a period of more than 3 and a half years.

Which you need to back up otherwise people will get the wrong idea.

So its up to you to act like men and make a threat to my face. Dont you have any balls? Why cant you do anything about it?
RichardIsaFFFFaggot RichardIsaFFFFaggot
70+, F
Aug 23, 2014