you get up in the morning put your hearing aid in. Look yourself in the eye in the mirror and say Im fvcking hard.

you then proceed to engage in weird child like games.

For over 3 and a half years. Not a single one of you has ever acted like a normal man. Your behaviour involves hiding and never doing anything thats direct. Ever.

That seems to be your number one rule. You never do anything that puts you into a position where you cant say.

I dont know what you are talking about and back down.

Old men with hearing aids. Do you wonder why I dont take you seriously? Why it is so easy to take the pssi out of you?

Its your actions that have led to this. :-) Oh well. As long as your actions cause mine nothing is ever going to change.

I have explained to you that your delusion exists only inside your heads. So why would understand it? We are in no way alike. Im a university educated professional.

You are high school educated fvck ups with dead end semi skilled jobs. Our brains arent compatible. You simply dont have a high enough IQ.
RichardIsaFFFFaggot RichardIsaFFFFaggot
70+, F
Aug 23, 2014