hi my name is rent boy richard and I dont know what to do. It doesnt matter what highly, highly, very sophisticated psychological ploy I come up with next.

Everyone involved gets ridiculed and humiliated and I cant do anything about it.

based on my IQ I dont see what Im coming up with as weird and child like games. As far as Im concerned Im super smart and everyone is an idiot compared to me.

Im a highly sophisticated manipulator of mentally deficient geriatrics. Who is so much of a pvssy I cant even back up my own threats or accept challenges to fight.

I try and make clever replies because Im so smart. but its really obvious its nothing more than an excuse as to why Im a coward who hides inside his house. and behind retirement homes.

Like the pvssy you are.

Moving forward Im going to come up with more cunning plans that will involve putting decrepit old cvnts into a position where they could seriously hurt themselves.

By pretending not to be old and frail even though its really obvious they are. If they fall over and break their hip thats not my problem.

All that matters is it makes me feel important and special when they do whatever weird childish thing I tell them to.

Also I have property of Ezy E tattooed on my arse for some reason.

rent boy richard

RichardIsaFFFFaggot RichardIsaFFFFaggot
70+, F
Aug 30, 2014