"This is ultimately what this comes down to richard and the nuts are such cowardly pvssys that they dont see the world the way I do. The way all normal men do. Who stand up and fight for whats theirs and dont take shite off a bunch of freaks."

I will keep rolling with this. In these freaks minds theyre powerful and intimidating tough guys who can act however they like.

What I actually see is a bunch of mentally deranged, self important nutjobs attempting to interfere in my life for no reason. Their behavior is inappropriate by any normal societal standards and completely delusional.

If we werent adults and constrained by laws I would have stomped on several of these idiots by now. So as you can imagine I have worked very hard to get where I am now. Currently I am getting around 700 bucks a day.

I am just going to give that up am I and just eat shite? Because of a bunch of delusional, self important and cowardly weirdos? Thats what is going to happen is it? This is the way these idiots actually think. They have no concept of reality and how any normal man would act in my situation.

How fantastic and child like is their thinking?

richardlovesblackguys richardlovesblackguys
Apr 20, 2016