I know the type. They are so caught up in their delusional fantasy that they cant stop and the fact that I just get angrier and more confrontational doesnt stop the hardcore idiots.

They will just back down from the fight and refine their behaviour with the intent of it becoming safer and safer for them to act that way. Because they cant stop,

Invariably it ends with me having to do something drastic. I cant help it. Its my temperament, my nature and my self respect.

Obviously the fact that we are adults, beholden to laws and these pvssys hide and act in a covert and passive fashion limits what I can do to a certain extent.

But that is what it will come to. I know the type of cowardly pvssy that I am dealing with here.

I have warned them with my behaviour, with posts. I am only doing this to them because they are forcing me to.

richardlovesblackguys richardlovesblackguys
Apr 20, 2016