This forum is dead as of tomorrow I believe. So let me explain exactly what I have done to you.

I have put you into the position that now when the people you are trying to impress/prove yourselves to see your bizarre and cowardly behaviour. Whether its directed towards
me or someone else.

They will hear my voice in the back of their mind saying "I told you so" they are also aware of how much I am winding you up.

You are not a threat. You are not capable of acting like normal men in a conflict. I know how normal men act and you have never acted that way. Because you cant.

You are a joke and now everyone gets to laugh at you.

Hey rent boy why dont you get an old man to hide in coles and inflate a fruit and vegetable bag by breathing into it then deflate it and repeat.

Thats how normal people and big scary hard men act.
RichardGivesRimJobs RichardGivesRimJobs
70+, F
Apr 21, 2016