"They will just back down from the fight and refine their behaviour with the intent of it becoming safer and safer for them to act that way. Because they cant stop,"

Yep. I have been watching their behaviour for 5 years. Its gone from hiding and trying to line me up/intimidate me. Making threats etc.

(I mean intimidation in their minds which is hiding in public places not identifying themselves and acting in an ambiguous covert/passive way)

Only to have me repeatedly confront them and make them shite in their pants. As well as calling them on the threats which they couldnt back up.

So they stopped doing that and started pulling tough guy faces at me, puffing themselves up and balling their fists and all sorts of other bizarre childish behaviour.

The objective is to make it even harder to retaliate against them. Just to reiterate as far as some random person is concerned. I have no reason to act in an aggressive way towards a nut.

Which is part of the design because they just deny they were ever having a go at me. Its their failsafe.

They are pvssys on a level that I didnt even know existed. So lets see what pvssy behaviour they come up with next. Dont forget they need to prove something to these other people they work with. It actually has nothing to do with me at this point.

In their minds they arent acting like pvssys. In their deluded power fantasy they are being tough guys.

I told you so.

RichardGivesRimJobs RichardGivesRimJobs
70+, F
Apr 21, 2016