"It is some messed up shite being forced to deal with these freaks. My main issue is my anger at their behaviour towards me if I can let that go then we are sweet.

I can only imagine what it must be like for these freaks having to go through life either not knowing or not being able to accept what they are.

Despite all of the evidence that points to them being fvcked up cowardly pvssys and I am talking long before I came along. Like I have said this has nothing to do with me.

Its about them and when they got bullied in high school all of those times they couldnt stand up for themselves. Thats how I have made them feel.

Its how I was able to get inside their heads so effectively and then effortlessly wind them up. I can clearly see how badly I have hurt their feelings by taking their power fantasy away.

I can also see that they dont have the balls to do anything about it. Other than hide and not identify themselves and when they catch me in a bad mood.

I confront them. They shite in their pants and back down like pvssys. Which they then cant admit to themselves they did.

Even if they could accept it they arent capable of doing anything to change themselves.

Fvcked up.
RichardGivesRimJobs RichardGivesRimJobs
70+, F
Apr 21, 2016