Cougar Life Style

Cougar Life Style

Everyone knows that a better sexual life is how important for cougars. If you are a cougar or a sugar momma, the first lesson you should have is that how to become a real cougar and what you really need in your life. With fast pace of life and under enormous stress in big city, Cougars are eager to have a passionate night life. No matter whether you relax yourself, comfort your lonely heart and even make for fun, living a cougar life is a not bad choice for older women. How do you pleasure a cougar? There are some tips to fulfill your cougar life passion.

#1 Dress maturely.
A woman is sexier with mature dress. As we know, younger girls would not rather or dare to show off their good shape. They are always too shy and pay attention to protect the secret of their body, over-exposing their flesh. As a cougar, you can show off your great body to prove that you are mature and sexy in your hot dress. The sugar momma in the bikini can arouse more attention and get more chances to lure younger guys. I guess that most cougars would like to shave your needless hair. That’s totally right. It indeed can get you more charming and sexy. It also can contribute to enjoy the wonderful bed time with your lovers.

#2 Have more passionate time
What is cougar? The older woman pursues an energetic younger man to meet their physical desires and look for fun. For younger man is lack of enough experience on having a sex, sugar momma should guide them to do it better. You should try to tell them what you love on bed and what you desire to have. Anything can be successful one time. You should have a try again and again. You should have confidence in yourself and your partner when you encounter some problems. The most important thing you should do is to understand and encourage. If a younger man wants to have a sugar momma dating, a strong and powerful body is necessary whether you believe it or not. You can have it more and keep your heat passion. You would find that being a cougar or having a cougar dating is so happy. By the way, is a perfect site for sugar mommas and younger men dating. Of course, it is just a suggestion and you can find some top dating list via Google search.

#3 Show your creativity with flirting.
The woman inborn loves romance including sugar momma. A good flirting before making love, it helps your sugar mommy get more satisfaction. You can have a try some beautiful flowers, some expensive wine, dim colorful light and a sudden cuddling. Wherever you can have a sex, you can experience the unexpected love time in bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and living room. Or you want to have a sex outdoors in spacious lawns around some beautiful flowers. It must be amazing.

#4 Hectic Foods
You can have some hectic food such as banana which can promote your sexual desire. Besides, honey also is not a bad choice. Maybe you don’t know that honey can promote the content of testosterone and make you ****** more easily. The making love needs to expend large amount of energy. So eating some energy food is necessary such as coffee, beef and other food with rich protein.

If you are rich cougar singles, you should start to have a cougar dating to meet younger man for your cougar life style.
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Dec 3, 2012