Dress Up For Cougar’s First Date

Dress up for cougar’s first date

Cougar Dating is not an unfamiliar word as the “cougar town” film unusually hot. Older women younger men relationship is popular around the world especially in US, Canada and UK. So more and more old women are looking for younger man on some local cougar clubs or online sugar momma dating site sugarmummydating.com. If you have mingled a cub on some cougar dating site, the next important thing is to have a face to face dating in a special place such as a romantic restaurant or wine bar or a love hotel. It is indeed a day to be expected.
However, maybe you are falling into trouble that you don’t know how to dress up for the important first date. Now there are some tips for you and I hope they can help you to face crying needs.

#1 appropriate dress-up
Every older woman has her appetite for make-up. A nature look is better. I mean that you need not overdo it and nature is most beautiful. However, as for sugar momma, you should make up appropriately to cover up the wrinkle on your face. Of course, a good make-up makes you more beautiful, hotter and sexier. As we know, the older women are more mature and would like to show their charm which is so addicted to younger men. A red lipstick and smoky eyes is necessary but never do it over. Put on some slight lipstick and smoky eyes and ask your friends to help you evaluate whether you have a good performance. As for hairstyle, you had better ask your hair-style designer to cut a favorite hair style you always have. Whether the naturally straight or curly is ok, you should not make others feel too fashionable or even strange.

#2 perfume temptation
No man can resist the temptation of perfume. Perfume is kind of romantic elements and it also shows sugar mommas’ noble taste. Put some expensive perfume on your exposure skins rather than clothes such as your cleavage, neck, shoulder, hands and legs. Besides, when you choose the perfume, you should choose some light fragrance to avoid making your partner feel too oppressive. If you are not used to perfume, now it is a time to put some to show older women’s charm.

#3 Suitable outfits:
When you would like to have a date with your lover, you should have a detailed plan with your younger guy about where you would go and what you would do. Only you have known this, you can know what you would wear. As for upscale occasion, you should wear some formal dress with beautiful high-heeled shoes. However, more lovers would choose a more casual place such as coffee house, cinema and gyms. You should dress appropriately and comfortably. Especially as for some outdoor activities, the high-heeled shoes should be avoided.

#4 Show your skins but too much
Even though cougar is more confident to show personality, you would show off too much your flesh. Otherwise, you could leave a dissolute impression. But you can show off your cleavage, neck, sexy shoulder and long leg. A beautiful necklace will draw your cub’s eyes to your chest and a pair of long black silk stocks can show off your long legs.
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Dec 3, 2012