How To Create A Dating Profile For Cougars

How to create a dating profile for cougars

A Study showed that 34% women over 40 years older were dating younger men who are younger over ten years old. Nowadays so many women celebrities are hooking up with a younger guy. As far as we know, relationship for Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore is a good example for the May-December relationship. Besides, Demi Moore claimed that “I'm sure there are a lot of people who think I'm a *****.” So we believe that she is a real cougar and the age really is just a number. Right? Of course, the celebrity cougar is not only Moore but also such as Cameron Diaz, Sadie Frost ... Do you want to define yourself as a cougar if you are over 40? If so, how do you date your handsome Mr. right? You can join some local cougar clubs or sign up a profile on an online cougar dating site. However, most of older women have a career at their age and they maybe have no enough time to date a young guy in local club. So you should join some sugar mummy dating site.Maybe they are your best choice. Of course, you can try some other similar dating site. All right, now we talk about how to create a dating profile for cougar. I give you some introduction as following tips.
Choose a perfect username.
At first, your username can suggest your character or personality such as your hobbies, interest, ideas and thought. Why do you choose a username carefully? The other members in your dating site can reveal something more about you via your username. A good young guy loves you maybe just your username. Everywhere we should pay attention to the first sight impression. Besides, almost all cougar dating sites offer a service that you can search the special member by search their username. So a good username helps you easily meet a potential partner who is more like-minded with your lifestyle.
Upload a nice picture
“Fall in love with first sight” is not a fairy tale. The main photo is very important to leave a good impression. You’d better to have a nice smile and pose. What’s more important, your main photo should show your face clearly. Besides, you’d better to upload at least 3 and more photos. If you add more photos, the other members think you are a real one who wants to seek a dating or a relationship. As we know, some scammers would like to use some fake profiles to cheat members in dating site for fun. So it’s better to find a serious dating site which is managed by staff but not computer. Or you can find a site where the member can be verified online. Maybe you would ask where you can find such no scammer site. You can search the keywords “dating verified” in Google or Bing. Fortunately, I find a good sugar momma dating club where it can help you. If your photos can represent your life style, hobbies, interest, and your personalities, they would arouse more concern. You would be more popular in the site and get more chances to date a good guy.
Fill in details information
The last step you should fill in the details for basic information, your favorite things, interests, dislikes such as “tagline”, ”about me”, ”turn on”, “turn off”… You can display your talent and show off your good qualities. Don’t forget that share your first ideal dating and raise a claim that who can be your Mr. Right. Of course, if you would like, you can add some details about the prospective partner’s occupation, hobbies… It is very easy to complete all above and you just follow the guide lines. There is one thing you should remember is that you should be honest for your profile. Your goal is to have a real dating or a serious relationship and there is no need to cheat the prospective life partner with fake profile. If you use fake profile to date a man online, it is a big problem to meet him face to face during the second probation. In fact, best police is to be honest. If you want to do it better, you should be confident to the guy you love.
As a sugar momma or cougar, you can have a try it now. Let's go to a hot sugar momma dating site for a wonderful cougar dating journey.
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Dec 3, 2012