How To Romance A Sugar Momma

How to romance a sugar momma

Age gap romance is more and more popular now. It arouses great attention so that they are marked with several labels such as Puma, MILF, Cougar, Sugar mommy and December (as in May and December). As we know, the slang “cougar” refers to the older woman who is sexually desire to younger men. But now it has changed a lot. The sugar momma shows her confidence and enjoys the greater success than regular match. They even become the younger men’s ideal life partner.

Talking too much about what is cougar, if you are dating a sugar momma who is ten years older than yourself. Do you know how to charm her? According my experience, I would introduce some rules for the special dating or relationship.

1.Stand her position to think of what they need
What is meaning standing her position? That’s understanding life with her thinking method. If you want to how to romance a sugar momma, you need know what she needs and the character of successful older women. At first, you should learn the nature of women. Women expect to hear something romantic, like you swooped down on a flying unicorn and popped the question as you flew past the sunset. They want to you give her some surprise to arouse her attention. Using some traditional ways to express your love is still effective such as romantic notes, cards, love letters. Flower is necessary for a romantic dating with a single rose or some wild flowers. Even though cougar is older than you and they are called sugar mommy, they need a loving and caring man to take care of them. You should be very active and confident to approach her with hugging, cuddling and kissing. Leaning to praise others is more important than accept yourself. Don’t hesitate to speak highly of your lady when you are alone or in front of others. Even if they are indeed rich, mature, successful, they are eager to get the applause and flowers from their lovers. When it comes to have a romantic dating at night, you will come up with the candlelit dinner right now no matter where it is in or out. Being a true man and show your support and caring, you would be more charming. As we know, the older women over 30 have a strong sexual desire than the younger girls. You’d better meet their desire and do it better as possible as you can. You should define your own secrets that you both know only. Maybe it is simple but it is very meaningful. It could be some special words, winks or cool gesture. All in all, you should know her much before you romance your sugar momma.

2.What you may or may not do during dating.
The relationship older women younger men is a special generation gap. It is very important to keep in mind what you may or may not do when you are dating. At first, you shouldn’t mention the age numbers because she believes that you love her and would not mind her age. In fact, Sugar momma is enough charming with her braveness, confidence and success in career. Second, it is danger if you play around alone. Many younger guys love the new pop trend such as playing internet games, chatting on social site all the time. Maybe you have to say goodbye to sugar momma. They will think that you just a kid not a man and you make her unsecure to handle a relationship with you. Third, you should try her lifestyle to get along well. When you communicate together, you should talk her life but your youth’s topic. It is inappropriate to talk your school life if you just graduated from college. They maybe hope you act as a gentleman according to the cougar’s taste.

If you want to know how to romance a sugar mummy and know her better is the most important key. You can comfort and pleasure her according her interest, hobbies and lifestyle.

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