Relationship For Older Women Younger Men

Relationship for older women younger men

Nowadays, most of my friends are over 30 years old, and me too. And we are also called “cougar”, because in many people’s eyes, we are sexy, rich and mature women. That’s true. However, in my mind, I choose to be a cougar just as I choose another way of life and I just change my attitude to life. It’s known that this way of life can make enjoy what I want in my life, especially everything fresh including younger men who love to date a cougar.
Since I was 18, many young men have paid attention to me. In my 20s, I was also shy and timid and my boyfriends don’t like this girl. At last we broke up. But now, if I walked in a room, all the men would notice me because I have confidence, complete self-assurance and inner serenity.
In my 20s, I always liked my boyfriend looking after me so well because I thought he really loved me just by this way. But over 30,with getting more social and work experience, I don’t like the feeling of control and I hate to control other people. Many men really want to control their girlfriends. If I came across this matter, I would just say “no” to my boyfriend because I am who I am. I enjoy the great lifestyle of relationship for older women younger men.If there was enough place between lovers, their relationship would last long and stable. Because I am intelligent, sexy, open-minded non-threatening and secure in my own skin, many younger men want to be with me. And I wish anything that can fulfill my need as a woman can take place in my daily life. Even though there was some trouble, I think I can cool myself to deal with it so well, which was that I couldn’t do in my 20s.
It is easy to find that most of my friends and I have more health-consciousness. I also remember that I often spent near whole night in bars and clubs with my good friends and we often had a great time and trolled all the night. However, now I definitely don’t spend my free time just like this way. It is hard for many persons to find older women to linger in the bars and clubs to get attention of young persons because health is much important for us. So we often meet some younger men in the gym maybe they just want to date cougars. Or we can date young guy on an online cougar site. So I have joined a sugar momma dating site named
When talking about dating or department, first I think younger men who respect me and have much sense of humor much better. If there was a younger man who want to get my attention and can say something humorous to keep me interested, I would like to date him. Second, I want that the younger men can be enthusiastic about sex. It is well known that Women get their sexual peak when they are from 30 to 40 years old. So when dating a young man, I wish he can show me some energy in bed.
These are what I have changed. So I think cougar is not only experience but also the attitude for life.
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