Older Women And Young Men Dating

Older women and young men dating
What is a cougar? “Cougar” is an older women, about 35 many years of age or more mature, who is dating young guys ordinarily more than eight several years. The phrase originated from the Canadian mature females hooking up with younger men. However, about around 2003, more and more people start to talk and use this word. But the meaning seemed to change. It affiliated with provocative, promiscuous mature women who wanted to experience making love with youthful males. The mature women, cougars, seduce and flirt younger guys for sexual encounters or regard them as ******* partners. All in all, Cougar relationship is that an older mature woman pursues a younger man who is less than 5 ages and more with a big age difference.
Nowadays, plenty of men who like older women desire to find a match for a cougar. Why? The cougars have many flashpoints so that the younger men could not resist their charm any longer. At first, the sugar momma is rich, and they often do not worry about their bread. They have lots of time to think about that how to live a passionate and thrilled life. That is romantic, exciting, and addicted life style. The second, the cougar is very skilled in love and sex. They won’t be shy any longer and they will enjoy the wonderful sex time in bedroom, sofa, kitchen… No matter where they would like to make love. They are your sex guide, your sugar mommy. They are good flirting mature animal or even beast. They maybe tell you how to make is better and you need to use some sex toy to comfort her. Maybe sometimes you are a toy boy, and just follow her tips for example first drinking some wine and then going to the bathroom to wipe some oil… That’s why lots of older women looking for young men. They believe that being a cougar is being a queen. However, so many mature women are seeking youth. The cougars want to experience the young men’s energy and power. They are tired of living with old man. They need to renew their life with passion. They desire to find the first date feeling back. They want to others acknowledge they are still young and charming. They are the drug that is addicted to man. If you regard yourself as a cougar, you must have a positive attitude about life. Cougars, if you find your happiness in your age, you have to be confident to your loved young. In fact, they also need you for his mate.
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