Why Young Guys Date A Cougar?

Why young guys date a cougar?
Recently so many younger men want to date a cougar for a casual dating. They hook up with cougar on online cougar dating site like sugarmummydating.com or join some local cougar clubs. Why are they eager to date a cougar? As we know, “cougar” is a slang term referring to a woman who seeks sexual relations with considerably younger men. Typically, the term refers to women over 40 years old who pursue men more than seven years younger.
Why to date a cougar?
Cougar also could be called sugar mommy. Men preferred older women because of their intelligence, stable careers, bedroom expertise and so many merits the young guys admire. So many younger men desired to date a real cougar.
Wealthy lady --- While you are a freshman after graduated from college, you are a poor guy. You almost can’t afford romantic tour expense, slap-up fashion shop, and ideal lifestyle. You are considering how to make bread to support yourself. Even though you are a handsome young guy, you are still disappointed to the boring daily life. You may think that whether you should need a sugar mommy to support all you want to get now. It’s a headache problem that many younger men suffered. However lots of charming older women have a stable good job and even most of them have their own business at their age over 40. The cougars would always have more money than younger guys. Besides, she is a lady and wants to date young men to refresh their life. Some are for casual dating and need some fun from young guys as their toyboys. But more and more older women would like to seek a older women younger men relationship. A survey showed that 39% sugar mommies want to seek a young for a casual dating and the rest 61% cougars would like to find a younger men for a serious relationship.
Good manner guide --many successful sugar mommies always have a good manner. In their spare time, they often go to the spa, gym, fine restaurants and night clubs. If she is a rich sugar mommy boss, you can learn some negotiation skills and how to do business with others .You can get lots of good manners from their graceful behavior.
Bedroom expert --- There is no doubt that hot cougars are good at bedroom skills. They are mature and know how to enjoy the sex time. She can teach you how to comfort women when you have a sex. If you are still shy for it and just follow her tips. She may buy some sex toys to adjust the boring love scene. Before having a sex, you would find one aspect of most wonderful relationship for older women younger men. What? You are really a dynamic young man who is full of energy and creativeness. And the real cougar is really mature woman who knows how to flirt and lure a man. You can buy some special gifts such as a hot bra, black stockings, red rose flowers, some wine...Yes. It must be thrilled to experience multiple thoughts and emotions at the same time for people who has big age gap.
Special lifestyle ---- Your cougar probable have some kids and own a good work. However girls at your own age have a lot of time to hang out on the street. Maybe she is not a sugar momma like that. Cougar is also very busy and have a lot of work to do. They have a great pressure and even want to escape from daily life. So you should know how important the young guys are for older women singles to activate their exciting life. You should respect their lifestyle and learn to bring some pleasure to them. We have enough reasons to believe that cougar singles are charming, brave and deserve a young guy. Besides, love is hard to say it clear. You should enjoy a special relationship.
Learn to grow up ---- With dating a cougar, you can grow up very quickly. Cougar is older, mature, wiser and have more experience than you. So you can learn a lot of things from her. As we say above, you can get some advice such as good manner, bedroom skills and communication skills. If your cougar has a successful career, you can learn more. Maybe you can become her perfect assistant. Because you are a man, they mostly want to help you start your own career but not your purse forever. You should be confident of yourself and your future because the sugar mommy who wants to date younger guy and needs your support at the same time.
Actually, relationship for older women and younger guys sometimes could have a win-win situation. Now why not try a cougar dating online or find a cougar in your local club?
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Older women are simply WONDERFUL they bring some much more to the table. Most younger wish to taught, instructed and excited. Mature seasoned lady provide this and so much more; experience which is a women's greatest attitude.
Besides they where dresses and look great in them.