How To Get Along Well With Young Guys For Cougars

Maybe everyone knows that cougar refers to a middle-aged women who pursuers younger men for one-nighter sex, casual dating and even a relationship. Some of them often like the young guys’ handsome appearance. And others hope to find a man younger than them to relive the romantic felling of the girlhood. Men preferred older women because of their intelligence, stable careers, bedroom expertise and so many merits the young guys admire. Some young guys have had a hurted feelings , and they just want to find a gentle good wife. Some young guys, with their bad economic conditions , are about to find sugar mummy just to live stable life. But others always have Oedipus complex. They date with cougar just to be taken care of by older women. So many younger men are desired to date a real cougar.
Women's relationships with younger men remain popular, and men especially like trying older partners. For the moment, although women's relationships with younger men have been affected by all aspects of pressure such as the family and the society, many sugar mummies think that they must cherish this relationship because the had stood up to much pressure. In order to keep your relationship long, there are some advice, maybe you can adopt.
1. Reducing the pressure for young guys
why young guys don’t want to date with young girls? Because they get into trouble, young girls often cry Meg petillant, which make the young guys often feel helpless. However, sugar mommas know what position is most comfortable for themselves, and what kind of distance is most suitable for two if you are dating with a young boy, don’t be petty-minded and don’t make him feel much pressure. This is a great news for young men who are in career or are ager to put into their career.
2. Putting down your motherhood
When you date with your young boyfriend, don’t dote on them so much. Maybe your habitual pay will let the man not think they need to bear the corresponding family obligation. At last, you will feel very tired. At that time, it is very difficult to change the model of the family responsibilities you have been used to. I have a good friend who had dated with a young guys, but at last they broke up. She told me she look after her young boyfriend like a sister. When he had trouble, she was always the first person who helped him. When they get bake, she often did all the homework, but her boyfriend played computer games. So if you always tell them what they should do or what they don’t should do, they never grow up and they always feel fettered.
3. Improving yourselves
As we all know, sugar mommas have been usually independent and they often have had some interest for many years and they also don’t need to be attached to men,which make the young guys be willing to stay with them. In their free time, they often go to supermarket and do exercise in fitness center to keep themselves fit. If they have some trouble, they often get help in sites, such as where there are many members who have the same matters.
So once you begin to date with young guys, don’t lose your previous interest. You can learn what your young boyfriends are interest, but don’t consider they are your all, which can make yourselves very special.
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Dec 13, 2012