Time Hath No Glory; Mass Is Where It's Happening

The past and future are illusions right now. To expand your conscious awareness, do so in space, not time. Imagine everything outside yourself. Let your mind’s eye go out into space as far as it can and retain consciousness of everything in between...from yourself outward.

Now, in addition, imagine everything within yourself, and expand that until it is as big as everything outside into distant space. That which is within you is as dense as, or denser than, that which is outside you.


Each one of us is a universe, or many universes, compressed. The Big Bang began with a miniscule speck of ultra-compressed matter that is now expanding beyond the reaches of your last imagining, because now it's bigger… now it's bigger… now it's bigger…


As you are expanding within…

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1 Response Dec 12, 2012

Okay, you're freaking me out now...but in a good way.
This is brilliant. I rather enjoy feeling one with the universe, whether it is my own or the one I share with others. Now, when I contemplate the density as love, well then I get all carried away with the beauty of it all. It makes breathing (which has been quite hard for me of late) much, much easier. Thanks.

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