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So, I knew about a lot of this stuff before I saw part three- i'm not a big fan of the first part because it denies Jesus' deity(if there were so many others with the same story, how come they have to remind us of them and nobody has to remind us of Jesus). Anyway, part three makes a whole lot of sense and has been prophesised and talked about since before I was born. People told me when I was younger about a chip that didn't even exist at the time. It's time people grew wise to what's really going on. People need to stop taking media at face value. People need to quit being so preoccupied with stupity and ignorance. They want us to be stupid(watch dumb t.v, don't read, believe what you see on tv), fat (fast food, healthy food is expensive), and in debt(keep running up those credit cards on useless crap you'll forget about in weeks). They're a bunch of evil individuals whose sole goal is to enslave the masses. They want us to fear so bad that we'll keep asking them to take our freedoms away for the sake of our "protection", all the while it's them causing most of the chaos. They know that if the masses were to grow wise and stand up, they'd have no chance. We're the backbone to all civilized societies. We build the infrastructures they hide in, we build the cars and jets they ride in, we harvest all the natural resources they use to manipulate us with, etc... Jesus is coming and He's coming fast and all will be made just and right cause God does not tolerate evil. It will be banished cause even the devil is on a short leash and he knows it.

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i don't think you understand this so-called "God's will" scenario, which might explain why you believe a planet can "work it's magic", as if it's some sort of top-hat wearing magician, which might explain why you can't spell organism. It's not that God wills it, it's just that He knows what's gonna happen. He gave manking free will so that we may choose to love Him or not. This Jesus "guy", historically-proven to have existed was either a lunatic or God incarnate. No man can be a good teacher and claim he's God unless he's God, cause if He's not God He's crazy. So you may scoff at us "simple" christian folks who need a crutch but don't forget that weather you choose to believe something or not is not the determining factor of it's existence.