The Sequel Is Better...

I watched the original Zeitgeist movie last year. The movie is split into 3 sections: an examination of Christianity, an examination of 911, and an examination of the Federal Reserve. It was an interesting movie that I found myself both agreeing and disagreeing with. I thought the first section on Christianity did a great job of showing people how recycled the major themes of the religion are. Knowing what we know about how it has borrowed stories from other religions, I don't know how anyone can continue to think it's true.

I didn't really agree with the portrayal of 911 as an 'inside job'. When I look at the events of that day I don't see a massive hoax pulled off by our country's leaders... I see a massive failure, an almost perfect storm of failure. The truth is horrible enough without the conspiracy theory.

The examination of the Federal Reserve was also good, and very important because I strongly feel that the general public has no idea how our monetary system works. Just like in religion, ignorance is the key to survival for our system. If enough people were to realize the truth of how money is created and how it controls our government's actions, there would be a massive revolt.

The truth is so outrageously simple that few can accept it. They think to themselves that our economy cannot possibly be such a mirage. It can't REALLY be that corrupt....can it?


Now on to the sequel: zeitgeist the addendum.

This movie is not constructed the same way as the first one. It is not split up into 3 neat parts, but rather it sets out to show how our monetary system which is based on profit and scarcity impacts everything. Nearly any problem you can think of, from crime to poverty to war to our energy crisis to destroying the environment... everything comes back to our ethically bankrupt economic system. Everything.

It makes a great point when it shows how it really doesn't matter whether you have capitalism or socialism or communism... whether you prefer liberal stances or conservative stances, democrat or republican...all of these systems suffer from the same fundamental problems at the level of our monetary policy.

I can't tell you how many people I butt heads with on EP that I wish would watch this movie. The people that think Obama and his "socialistic" policies are bringing our country to collapse. The people that think "liberals" or "unions" are causing our economy to fail. These arguments are absurd once you realize how unsustainable our system is.

I think Daniel Quinn would approve of these ideas. Everyone should check out his writings at Like he has said, our system is great for products, but it's horrible for people.

I posted a long video on my blog called "Money as Debt" which explains many of the same principles that zeitgeist examines. I think that zeitgeist addendum and the Money as Debt video should be required viewing for everyone. It really opens your eyes to how our unsustainable system is eventually doomed to fail, and how corruption and greed aren't unfortunate things that pop up from time to time, but how corruption and greed are actually FEATURES of the system.

The film does offer some hope. It would take a paradigm shift, but if we were able to shed our current monetary system there are actually ideas out there for much better ways of running a society. The current problems in the economy are truly scary once you realize how fragile and unsustainable it is... we really could be seeing the beginning of the end of our worldwide economic system. The only way we seem to be able to keep things afloat is to print more and more money, which creates more debt, but the really bad part isn't the inflation, it's the extra interest that results from the inflation which always outpaces our growth. It's like an arms race, every 'win' on one side results in a 'win' on the other side. This cannot go on forever.

Some of the ideas they propose like The Venus Project remind me of the ideal put forward in the Star Trek series... an economic system with no money. I fear that if we cannot find a way to make it to that ideal, then our exponential population growth will continue to amplify the problems we are currently surrounded by, until we manage to collapse the ecosystems upon which we rely.

Just because we're on the top of the food chain doesn't mean we won't come crashing down like everything else when it fails.

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3 Responses Mar 21, 2009

Mizzblue I hope our children will question more too. It just may be too late though!

I haven't watched either - but am going to. I have seen it mentioned on here many times, but without the in depth lool as you posted - thank you for that. <br />
<br />
I also believe that way too many people - and sorry women - but yes, women mostly - are oblivious to how the federal government works in general. Especially the women raised in the churches that are taught to OBEY their husbands, the husbands are the leaders of the family. <br />
<br />
Blind following unfortunately will never, ever go away, but I truly do hope that our children will question more, follow less and forge a new path. I really - really hope this will happen.

I watched the addendum before I watched your posted video 'money as debt.' Both we thought provoking, no freaking mind blowing. It took several days of deep thought to get my mind around our financial system and our financial predicament. I was horrified by the realization that the system was set up to essentially fail in 'money as debt.' These are certainly not things I learned in economics. Why? Did they not want us to know how our system was really set up? Well, one thing I can say is these videos have changed my view on many things in relation to greed, wealth and our quest for wealth. We are in a rat race, chasing a dream that is designed for us to fail by greedy people. Can we get that paradigm shift needed to turn the tide? Who knows? I just know that it's money and greed that makes the world go 'round.