Life Is A Challenge

I have always wondered what the purpose of LIFE was? I have never accepted the general thought that it is just to enjoy it. I keep thinking that there surely has to be a purpose in life besides just LIVING. There has to be MORE..... but in the end the most realistic conclusion is that there really is no other purpose beyond the simplicity of just LIVING. Though LIFE is not that simple and comes with challenges. I sometimes find myself wondering why I keep living. I no longer want to be a part of a world that holds no purpose. I look up religions, mythologies, etc... for a more complex answer into the meaning of LIFE, but in the end I can't blindly follow something I don't think exists. If I could only convince myself that things like the BIBLE(for example) are real. I would no longer be having my existential crisis and confusion would be much lessened. There are days in which I no longer want to handle life obstacles like responsibilities, adversity, judgment,etc... I want to just end it all now and not handle the challenges because life serves no purpose beyond the small things like making others, like family members happy that you are still alive. Then, I realize that I don't want to leave this world just yet. I am still curious about things going on in this world like earthquakes, the economy, climate changes, technology advancements,etc.. I'm saving up money so in a couple of years I can do a self discovery of myself and LIFE. Then I will either find what I am looking for or it will be the end of me. I understand why people see suicide as taboo and just completely wrong but I have my own morals and beliefs. Suicide is a topic that I talk openly about with others. We have to come to terms with death some day. The only difference is that one could be making a huge mistake by killing one's self. I also believe that suicide is a selfish act like many others believe, but I don't believe there is such thing as selfless act.


Thank you for reading my experience with LIFE.

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18-21, M
Mar 16, 2010