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Summer Heat And Discomfort

Here is why boys this summer need to be out of their shorts for skirts. The heat this summer is way too hot for them to be in shorts or thick pants causing overheating. This is so important to have them in loose fitting skirts. How can you send your son outside in dark heavy things that only absorb heat? There are other very valid reasons to have them not wear shorts. The main one is chaffing of their inner thighs, which are very sensitve to boys. They do not need to be uncomfortable with this condition. Skirts would solve that literally overnight. The other issue is temperature, Boys need to be cooler and thick shorts and pants only hold the heat and exposing the boy to possible heat related symptoms. The colors are dark and will raise the boys tempeture alot. So how can anyone dress their sons in heavy dark things since it is so hot outside? Also being smoothered in the trousers and shorts, does create more oder issues as well. Having oders is not good for the boy. Puttiing them into skirts is the best thing you can do for your sons. Getting them into skirts and have them be comfortable, not hot and overheated. We need to do this ASAP. This isn't about being a girl. Comfort and his health is more important. So I ask all parents to seriously think about this and you may save a life this summer by having your sons be in skirts or in summer dresses being much cooler.
andreaneejustinfield andreaneejustinfield 41-45, T 8 Responses Jun 27, 2012

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Skirts are so much more practical in the summer.

So true. I wish my parents did that. I live in texas. IT gets REALLY hot here.

Its because parents dont want their sons to be "sissies". we have all been taught that boys are suppose to be tough and that means being able to live in uncomfortable clothes and environments without complaining. So when its 100 degrees outside our comfort doesnt matter. We are men and we are suppose to "man up" (according to what society says).

Couldn't agree more. And you are correct - it is not about boys being girls its about common sense and a breakdown of stereotyping. A soft summer skirt that allows the breeze to billow and cool the body down is ideal for the heat of summer

this is just one more reason why i tell everyone why i've never ever felt ashamed or regretted that i grew up learning to appreciate why i was encouraged to prefer dressing as a girl.<br />
<br />

In (hot) Mediterranean climates it was no accident that men wore knee length tunics. Only later when the Romans moved north were trousers (bracae) used much more.<br />
Warriors and soldiers also wore a decorative skirt of leather or fabric strips worn around the waist. Very practical when it's hot.<br />
So cool skirts for boys when its hot has good historical precedent.

So true

They will be cooler as you say because the light colors reflect heat from the body, while jeans, drab colors and dark colors do absorb heat. Just like a dark car absorbs heat when parked outside all day.