Skirt Me For Summer

In the no off limits spirit, I'm going to type a short piece here .
I was the dressed as a boy who really hated having to wear dark thick t shirts and especially trousers during the summer months so much so that I'd of given anything for a girl to have tied me to a tree to prevent wiggling while putting me in a nice just above the knee cotton skirt instead because I so hated the sweaty expanse of material stuck to my skin never mind feeling too hot in parts where it's not a good idea.
I'd even of traded cotton shorts - and the only thin boys shorts tend to PE or soccer ones for a nice short white skirt with matching t had it been on offer for that extra coolness never mind the appropriateness for my inner girl. Perhaps this is the spot to put in a request for a ' put me in a summer skirt' reminder in future especially from the Girls of EP to make this happen.
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5 Responses Sep 20, 2012

Agree, shorts are a plus in summer weather but nothing can compare to a proper skirt when it come to comfort and good feelings.

Hi Joanne
I understand what you are saying and agree wholeheartedly. I was lucky to be brought up in Scotland where in many cases, my own included, boys could wear a kilt to school if preferred as a uniform option. After being put into a kilt at the age of 6 and given a pair of navy blue school girls knickers to wear under it I couldnt wait to carry on wearing a kilt. The feel of the knickers as the kilt swung and the pleats swung was lovely. The freedom it gave was unbelievable and once I mastered the art of sitting down without showing my knickers off it was accepted as quite the normal thing. Then as I grew older I had 'kilt pants' which were of course knickers in bottle green, maroon and red. The colour worn usually matched the kilt or the navy blue knickers of course matched anything. Altogether a lovely time of my life and I still wear my kilts to this day with of course the obligatory school knickers underneath.

i'd like to make that happen.

I am a boy and went to a co-ed school. As a punishment for forgetting my pe kit I was made to dress inthe girls uniform. Short wrap around navy skirt with navy knickers and a short white top.

I loved it and forgot my kit a lot of times.

I agree with the Billy as I often do. Skirsts are MUCH coller------Love Noelle