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Help With Summoning A Succubus Please

It started two years ago i was up late looking up demons, i dont know why, i came across a man who a succubus came to him and that he fist was scared but then later on he became used to her. I was so intrested because sex with a demon somthing new. Also when I was 10 i was being torturered by something it also tried ....i think this.... to kill my dog. But the weirdest thing is that it only attacked me and my dog when I was alone.
Even though my past experiences I'd like to summon a succubus because on human nature i'm cerous. I'd like somthing that I dont need anything or if possible to provoke one.
I'm really sorry about my spelling.
If you want the details about my past just message me.
blanerocker blanerocker 18-21, M 2 Responses Feb 19, 2012

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Well, first and foremost you need to understand that they aren't demons, but spirits. Secondly, you need to understand that they are almost identical to human beings, minus the physical form in the beginning. They have emotions, feelings and are capable of love just as we are. If you are simply looking for sex the chances are you are never going to attract one into your life. From speaking with my spirit lover, they are drawn to certain types of people regardless if you try rituals or whatever the case my be. The only thing a ritual might do is make them hear you or take notice and from that point it really depends on them. Open your mind to them, ask for one and if you are worthy or someone you just might get a response. But you have to pay attention to the signs.

well demon and thing come and go and do as they please really