It's really hot here. Even though I had plenty to do this morning, I didn't want to miss out on getting my 30 mins of sunbathing in. So I still went out around lunch time to the sunbed I have in my back garden.
My house is new & there are alot of houses being built nearby. My fences are high colour bond so I mostly have privacy but the roofers & people in heavy machinery can still see me. If they want to look, that's up to them. It's my yard. I always lay on the bed with my bum facing their direction. I spread my legs slightly & always use plenty of lotion all over me. They get a clear view of everything.
I do 15 mins on each side. My private areas are completely shaven.
I act like I'm busy using my phone, which I am, but really I'm getting wet knowing they're watching me.
I have an outdoor spa so after my 30 mins I get up & get in it for a while. This is when I touch myself in my wet spots. I look forward to this time every day. Only week days though when my children are at school.
Being single, I can do what I like & rather than have meaningless sex with anyone or try to find a great guy, cause that is proving difficult, I am just obsessed with my own body for now until someone comes along to satisfy me.
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So sexy, can I see