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As the only redhead in our family it sucks every one of my brothers and sisters are dark except me.
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Hi; 'm John; saw in your profile that your Irish---AND YOUR THE ONLY ONE WITH FAIR SKIN?? I'm Irish on "both" sides.As a young boy and teenager;i was always trying to get a tan(you know the "peer" pressure);well when i was 14/15 i guess i made up my mind to "get that TAN"!! Well you can guess what happened---Yep i was like "lobster" and when igot home my dad had no mercy;and said You will go to school tomorrow!! But "God bless" mom ;because she called the school and told them what happened.So that was all of my tanning days!! Have a great day--John B.

I burn real bad as well

Mine are all dark ...i have dark irish red hair and burn very easily!